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Company History

The First Movement

Product Development Ńâ╗Overseas presence 1953-1986

1953 Establishment
Eiki Industrial Co., Ltd. was esablished at Taiyuji, Kita-ku, Osaka by 4 founders, Shinichi Matsuura, Shigeya Yagi, Koji Sekino, and Yoshinari Minagawa.

1953 Photo01 1953 Photo02
1953 Photo03

Factory: Amagasaki, Hyogo
Developed and launched Slide Projector<Type 500>

1959 EIKI Delivered 41 units for School
After this delivery all elementary school in Sendai (Northern part of Japan) purchased film projectors.

1959 Photo01
1959 Photo02 1959 Photo03

Audio-visual education in classroom using EIKI 16mm Projectors.

Products line-up 1953-1960

  • Slide PJ type 500

    Slide PJ type 500

  • 16mm Film PJ type 700-3

    16mm Film PJ type 700-3

  • Slide PJ type 505

    Slide PJ type 505

  • 16mm Film Projector

    16mm Film Projector

  • 8mm Film Projector

    8mm Film Projector

  • 8mm Film Projector Smile type SE

    8mm Film Projector
    Smile type SE

  • Junior CS-type 650S

    Junior CS-type 650S

1963 Sales Start of overseas
Delivered 16mm film projectors to New Zealand, and Taiwan defense Department.

1963 Photo01

1969 Itami Factory Foundation
5,000 sqm, 3rd floor building
Yearly Production Ability = 30,000 units.

Products assembly

Products assembly

Quality control

Quality control

Finishing Line

Finishing Line

1974 Established EIKI INTERNATIONAL INC. in U.S.A.

1974 Photo01

1976 Delivered 3,000 16mm film projectors ST/M series to Saudi Arabia. And 1,700 out of 3,000 were shipped out by charter air cargo.

1976 Photo01
1976 Photo02

1985 Established EIKI Canada(EIKI INTERNATIONAL INC. Canadian Branch) in Canada.

1985 Photo01

1986 Acquired the Bell & Howell company that had originated the audio vidual industy in the U.S.A. and had the world top share in 16mm film projector market.

Products line-up 1961-1986

  • Xenon EX-1500

    Xenon EX-1500

  • 1 case type MS850

    1 case type MS850

  • Xenon Type 500W

    Xenon Type 500W

  • Type EX-1500

    Type EX-1500

  • Trans-less type AV860

    Trans-less type AV860

  • EX-300B


  • Large Xenon(EX-3000/5000/8000)

    Large Xenon(EX-3000/5000/8000)

  • ST/M Series

    ST/M Series

  • Xenon Slide

    Xenon Slide

  • Reel to Reel RST

    Reel to Reel RST

  • Slot-Threading


  • Large Xenon Type line-up (EX-6000 & 9000 series)

    Large Xenon Type line-up
    (EX-6000 & 9000 series)


The Second Movement

(From Film Projection to Digital Projection era) 1987-2006

1987,1988 Developed and launched Data Display Panel DD-1000 and DD-2000

1987,1988 Photo01
1987,1988 Photo02

1990 EIKI the 1st LCD Video Projector LC-1500

1990 Photo01

LCD Projector Line-up

  • LC-4000
  • LC-5000
  • LC-6000
  • LC-7000
  • LC-XGA970
  • LC-SVGA870
  • LC-XG110D
  • LC-SX2
  • LC-XT4

Overhead Projector(OHP) Line-up

  • OHP-4400
  • OHP-3000M&OHP-2500M
  • OHP-5451MH&OJP-4500MH
  • OHP-22000
1995 Photo01

1995 Established EIKI Deutschland GmbH in Germany

1995 Photo02

1996 Established EIKI Czech spol. s.r.o. in Czech Republic.


2003 Photo01

Launched LC-X50M and LC-50 as commemorative model of golden (the 50th) anniversary.

2003 Photo02

The 1st DLP Projector EIP-1

2005 Photo01

2005 Established EIKI Shanghai CO Ltd. in China


The Third Movement

(Challenge to New Era) 2007-

2007 Launch the projectors and computer peripheral devices for education market.

2007 Photo01

Interactive Projector

2007 Photo02

Interactive Kit IK-1
´╝łElectronic Blackboard kit)

2007 Photo03

Combination CD Player

2007 Photo04

USB Digital Microscope

2007 Photo05

Camera D-2000

2008 Established EIKI Industrial (M) Snd Bhd in Malaysia.

2008 Photo01

2010 The 1st 3D projector EIP-D4500

2010 Photo01
2013 Photo01

2013 Established EIKI Australia PTY LTD in Australia.

2016 Photo01

2016 The 1st Laser Light Source DLP Projector EK-810 series

2016 Photo01

2018 The 1st 3LCD HLD LED Projector EK-350U

DLP Projector Line-up

  • 3chip DLP EIP-WX5000
  • Full HD EIP-HDT30
  • 3D Projector EIP-D4500
  • 3 chip DLP EIP-UJT100
  • Laser Projector Series
  • Ultra Short Throw EIP-WSS3100
  • EK-600 series
  • EK-400 series

LCD Projector Line-up

  • LC-XT5
  • LC-HDT2000
  • XL series
  • EK-500 / 510 series
  • LC-XB43
  • Short Throw LC-XSP2600/ WSP3000
  • Wireless Projector LC-XNB4000N/WNB3000N
  • EK-300 series
  • 3LCD HLD LED Projector-EK-350U