EIKI Projectors


01.10. 2020

< Launching of "EK-850LU & EK-1100LU are the WUXGA LCD projector >

EIKI launched EK-850LU and EK-1100LU in October.2020.
The EK-850LU and EK-1100LU, these new projectors are the first LCD projector with laser light source in EIKI’s Large Class projector product line.
The EK-850LU and 1100LU realise both quiet operation and high brightness by newly developed cooling system for optical engine.
The cooling system that is a sealed box that protects optical engine from dusts and filter-less design, provides higher cooling performance and lower fan noise.
In addition, this model offers the excellent projection image by the combination of 3LCDand Laser light source.